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ALCG Books cultivates literary talent and brings gifted underrepresented voices

to the fore. Know a great editor? We're expanding our team! Fill out the contact form and attach a cover letter and your resume below.  


Photo of ALCG Books CEO & Founder, Toyin Adeyemi

Founder & CEO

Toyin Adeyemi is an entrepreneur and creative powerhouse who brings over a decade of editing, writing, publishing, and communications experience to her role. As the Founder and CEO of ALCG Books, she's reshaping the American book publishing industry by democratizing access to literary representation for all skilled writers. At ALCG Books, she supports literary talent cultivation at all levels, leads the staff, and pioneers strategies that empower writers and publishing professionals to write good books and discover new talent. Toyin is an MFA graduate of the Fiction Writing program at Columbia University.  

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Photo of ALCG Books Lead Literary Consultant, Sharon Wong


Lead Literary Consultant 

Sharon Yan Wong brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Lead Literary Consultant at ALCG Books, where she's dedicated to helping writers reach their full potential. With a background in writing, editing, content strategy, a BA (Honors) in English from the University of Virginia and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia University, Sharon is adept at guiding writers and helping them discover and refine their voices. Drawing from her experience as a writer and former Content Strategist at Shell Fleet Solutions, Sharon empowers ALCG Books clients to transcend creative boundaries and craft narratives that are unique and powerful. She met Toyin Adeyemi during when they were both enrolled as graduate students at Columbia University.

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